Saturday, July 25, 2009

Become a modern day Model Citizen Pt. 1

I didn't just name my clothing line Model Citizen for any old reason. I chose the name because that is what I aspire to be. Sure, I have a ways to go, but luckily I can't shake that old Gandhi quote "Be the change you want to see in the world" & I just keep on keepin' on the path to becoming a modern day Model Citizen. Join me in my journey!
Over the next week I will be posting some fabulous and easy ways to kick start the Model Citizen inside all of us.

Today lets talk about being Green!

First off, to be a Model Citizen, one must be conscious of their actions and the results of them. Obviously littering is a big no no and recycling will get you high 5's all the way around. But as a lady have you ever thought about how much stuff you throw away every month that just ends up in the land fill? Tampons, disposable razors, cotton balls, maxi pads, etc. Well, we've all gotta cut that out. We've got to replace these things with reusable products that come with much less packaging. Lets have a look at whats available to us these days shall we?

Personally, I don't want to know how many disposable razors I've heaved into the landfill since I started shaving 15 years ago! Don't get me wrong, I loved those little pink razors, I even made a shirt in homage to them, but sometimes you gotta choose function over fashion. Luckily, now you can get your legs bare with care using the Retro Razor! It'll give you a closer shave and the only thing you toss is the metal blade itself. Greener, cheaper, closer!

Say buh-bye to tampons! The Diva Cup is here to save the day & save you money! Yes, it is literally a cup, it does not absorb, it collects. You change it every 12 hours, wash it off and tah dah - use it again! You buy 1 (yes only 1) a year! You won't be asking around in the ladies room for a tampon ever again and you will no longer be throwing away tons of bleached out cotton that had to be grown somewhere. Total Win! If the concept makes you tightly cross your legs and shake your head, remember what the A Team taught you - Knowing is half the battle! Visit for some in depth QnA. Seriously though - if every lady who read this blog in the last month used a diva cup instead, there would be about 20,000 less tampons in the landfill each month! That's some crazy math.

While we are waving goodbye to tampons, lets say farewell to their Maxi-pad sisters of the south. There are TONS of options for reusable liners these days! They come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a wide array of fabrics that will make you say "ooh aah" and some will even make you chuckle. Etsy has a large selection and you can also check out Lunapads for all your PMS precautions.

Since we're on the subject... I was recently introduced to another eco-friendly creation for your girlie bits. Time to climax with a conscious using the worlds first sex toy made with 100% green technology! The Earth Angel! Dang, even the name is fantastic! This vibrator (and the packaging) is made entirely of recycled plastics AND requires NO batteries! It charges manually through a small crank tucked into the base of the toy. Turn it 4 times and you've got 30 minutes of fun in your hands. Turn it 8 times and it will purr for an entire hour.

Hopefully these few suggestions has you thinking about other things in your life that could be replaced with an item that has a longer shelf life. We've only got one planet and it will really suck if we gunk it up with all the junk we do not want.

For more inspiration in the green department you should calculate your personal carbon footprint with this handy dandy footprint calculator.
How do you measure up?

What's next up on How To Become A Modern Day Model Citizen?
Creative ways to lend a hand!

Until next time...
Bonnie Rue


Cassandra said...

Don't know if you are aware of this Bon Bon, but I make reusable menstrual pads. I am hoping to get them up on my artfire soon!
I'll keep you posted!

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Ooh- I did not know that. I want to see them! Sooner than later lady! Get on it ;)