Sunday, April 26, 2009

For the Love of Wiener Dogs and Yard Sales

Allow me to apologize for my lack of blogging over the past few weeks. Things have been hectic. Lot's of work & a fair amount of play. This past weekend my parents came to town & we took my grandmother out to see the wiener dog races. Yes, you read that correctly. Wiener. Dog. Races. Talk about cute overload! So many tiny dogs wearing costumes & loping around. Our faces hurt from smiling. So, ya gotta forgive me for ignoring my blog momentarily. If you are having a hard time with this forgiveness stuff, just look into these puppy dog eyes... that always works.

When I wasn't hanging with my fam & watching little dogs speed down a track I've been scratching things off my to do list. 1.Making tons of jewelry for a boutique in Milwaukee called Fasten Collective (soon to be called Sparrow Collective). They are having their grand opening party on May 15th & I want them to be stocked up for it! Speaking of new stores... Is there a boutique in your town that you think would like to carry Model Citizen Clothing? If so please drop their name to me! If the store ends up carrying the line I will send you a special thank you gift in the mail. Why? Because sharing is caring people! Don't you forget it!

I've also been preparing for one of my favorite things - YART! Not sure you know what a YART sale is?

Yard Sale + Art = YART Sale!

On Sunday May 3rd myself & about 15 other artist will be putting it all out on the lawn @ BiRDHOUSE Gallery (1304 E. Cesar Chavez). Paintings, drawings & crafty fantatic-ness PLUS records, clothes, furniture & more. You think the fun stops there? No freakin' way! Larissa tells me that there will also be "baked goods & popsicles & beer & at least one kiddie pool & a polaroid photobooth!" Oh yeah & a Bloody Mary Cook-off, sponsored by Tito's Vodka!
Personally I will be selling off quite a bit of my wardrobe & lots of accessories. Some furniture & awesome accents from my casa will also be available. OH & I'm getting rid of a pair of Betsy Johnson sunglasses as well! On the CHEAP. They are in perfect condition, they just aren't right for my face. As for the ART part of YART - that's a surprise. I can tell you this though... I think I'll be bringing those Nacho Cupcakes. Oh yeah!

*Big Thanks to Josheesh for the photo of his adorable wiener Laika.


Anonymous said...

how on earth did i JUST find your blog!? brilliant!!

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Oh Wow - Thank You!
I just checked out your blog WHISKEY TANGO VEGAN & I'm totally into it!
Thanks for stopping by. I plan on getting back into blogging more than once a week. Cross my heart!

oh and thanks everyone who emailed the name of their favorite local shops! You rule! Keep 'em coming!

Tuesday said...

I wish I could come to the YART sale! I'm sure it's going to be funtastic.